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Yoda yoga Lymington

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Where we redefine yoga and fitness for all

Yoga for kids

Yoga is fantastic for the body and mind!

Yoda Yoga is even better as we teach your little one flexibility, mindfulness and peace with fun and exciting poses and games to enhance inner joy.


Yoda Yoga brings the wisdom of the Jedi to the mat.


Experience yoga as:

  • Lessons

  • After-school club

  • In school yoga classes

Why Choose Yoda Yoga

Yoga's gentle movements nurturing the body and soul


Yoga's gentle movements flow gracefully, nurturing the body and soul

Stretching poses in Yoga


Stretching poses enhance flexibility, bringing newfound freedom to the body.

Strength building yoga in Lymington and New Forest Area


Yoga builds strength and balance, empowering the body with stability.

Mindfulness yoga in New Milton


Yoga cultivates overall well-being and nurtures mental health with mindfulness.

Explore Our Classes

Yoga is essential for nurturing physical and mental health, promoting flexibility, strength, relaxation, and self-awareness, ultimately fostering overall well-being and balance in life.

Teaching fitness to children. helping them become active

What our customers say

"Yoga transformed my mind and body. Their wise instructors guide me on a journey of strength and inner peace. I feel balanced, focused, and connected. A truly enlightening experience!"

Dave Reddington

"My child absolutely loves yoga! It's a joyful and empowering experience for them. They've gained flexibility, mindfulness, and a sense of calm. Thank you for introducing them to this amazing practice!"

Amelia Banks

"Yoga brought so much joy to my child's life! They had a blast learning poses, playing games, and making new friends. It's a nurturing and fun environment that helped them blossom. 

Kenny Stutes

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