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Yoda Yoga In School

Yoga is fun for everyone! After a yoga session, children experience improved health and well-being, feeling emotionally joyful and significantly more fulfilled.

Yoga for mindfulness Lymington

Our primary goal is to use yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to enhance the welfare of children and adolescents. We wish to give our pupils the skills and habits that will support them on their life’s journey. The goal of the yoga school is to impart knowledge that will encourage kids to be the best versions of themselves.

Schools could be able to see the threads of students’ identities and the links between all of their physiological states if they took a more holistic approach to education and what it implies. Yoga is a fantastic approach to incorporate in the classroom because it enables kids to develop and hone life skills.

Yoga is beneficial for children’s health and happiness, and all schools should incorporate it to ensure that students receive the greatest education possible. Academic achievement is influenced and improved by better well-being. Success will increase if you invest in improving well-being at your school.

£50.00 per 45 Minute Class

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